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Adopt A School With Touch Africa

Published: Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Adopt a School ImageYou can’t blame British school kids of course; I was the same at their age, whining about school, being told to get up in time and remember my homework, and generally spending the day doing tedious lessons.

But spend five minutes looking at some of the most deprived areas in Africa and you get a wakeup call, one of the key reasons I started my Alan’s Enduro Africa.

For a lot of African kids, school is not a place to complain about and focus on leaving at the end of the afternoon. For many of the kids in Africa, school is a sanctuary, a place where they can get the things that they can’t in their own homes and which we take for granted.

Touch Africa is just one of the four charities supported by Enduro Africa and once I saw what they have been achieving over the years, I had to give them my support.

Just think for a moment if you had to look to your school for access to warmth and a chance for a wash and tidy up. For these kids, these basic facilities are only provided at their schools, as many homes don’t have electricity, water, or any heating whatsoever.

One of Touch Africa’s key projects is called Adopt a School and it aims to improve as many schools as possible to a level where the kids not only want to attend, but where they will improve their lot. Where they can watch educational TV, make use of desks and chairs, and even eat fresh fruit and vegetables from the school’s own gardens.

The more money I can raise on Alan’s Enduro Africa, the more I can give to charities like Touch Africa to help with their work in schools and a large number of other projects. Like me, take a quick look at what Touch Africa is trying to achieve and next time your kids moan about the horrors of having to attend school, gently point out that for many kids in Africa, school is the only place that might possibly be keeping them alive.  


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