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One More Day of ‘Prep’ to Go

Published: Friday, October 14th, 2011

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sat here in my office testing out a snazzy new bluetooth keyboard (from eKit, sold by ASDA) to see if I can make blog posting work with my iphone.

Well, I figured it would be a real pain to have to lug a laptop around South Africa with me and it’ll be so cool if I can do all my emails and stuff on my shiny new iphone. And with my big fat sausage fingers, I wasn’t really looking forward to typing out long blog updates on the iphone’s on-screen keyboard!

I have to say that the eKit keyboard is not too different from my laptop keyboard and, so far, it seems to be a huge improvement on the iphone alone.

I’ve also downloaded a little free app for posting direct to WordPress and, presto, I’m all set to stay in touch whilst I’m away via the alansenduroafrica blog.

So, this is my first iphone blog to make sure it all works as it should.

On the remainder of my preparations, or lack of preparations would perhaps be more accurate, I’m about to spend an intensive Saturday of running around making sure I’ve got everything I need.

Meanwhile, in true accordance with the laws of Sod, my right knee started playing up this morning so I’ll have to dash down to the surgery to see if I can get some form of support for it.

All in all, it has been a bit of a struggle to get this far and the task ahead looks daunting but I’m determined to do my best for all my sponsors and supporters. Anything short of complete success (with all limbs still firmly attached) is totally out of the question!

Tally Ho!



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