Friday 28th September 2018


Please note that this is the itinerary for the 2009 ride which should be roughly the same for the 2011 ride. A BIG thanks to Andrew Forsyth who originally put together this Google map for the 2009 trip and successfully completed the course. You can zoom-in, zoom-out, switch to Satellite View or Terrain View just like any normal Google Map. Click on the red flag icons for details of that day’s itinerary. A full itinerary listing appears below the map.

Day 1: Depart London for Joburg
UK-based riders depart from Heathrow for Johannesburg, South Africa. Connecting flight will take us to Durban.

Day 2: Durban, Mbotyi
Starting from the wonderful Mbotyi River Lodge, it is our first day and the mighty Mtsikaba gorge awaits us. 2008 was the first time motorcyclists had crossed this river and a brand new crossing was found in 2009. Whatever happens, the 2011 river crossing will be a major challenge.

Day 3: Cremorne
Today is a first for Enduro Africa. The distance is less than 50km but it will be one of the toughest with the teams having to build bridges, float bikes across rivers and most definitely work together. Planning and strategy is important as each obstacle is a race against time. Our overnight stop is Cremorne.

Day 4: Port St. Johns, Hluleka Nature Reserve
Still heading South we travel from Port St Johns, a small Hippie type town on the banks of the Umzimvubu River and then follow the coast passing to the Hluleka Nature Reserve.

Day 5: Hole-in-the-Wall, Qora Gorge
From the Hole in the Wall, we travel South to our first challenge for the day, crossing the Qora river and ride to the mighty Qora Gorge, a steep 1000ft climb! The low road vs. the high road is your decision – with up to 10 hours in the saddle, today will challenge your riding ability so dig deep! Our stop tonight is The Kob Inn Hotel in East London, a beautiful hotel situated on the rocky shores of the warm Indian Ocean.

Day 6: Kob Inn, East London
A well deserved rest day at The Kob Inn. This is where we service the bikes and get involved in a Touch Africa community based project where you are invited to get your hands dirty and “make a difference”. The rest of the day is spent at leisure on the beach, in the bar. It’s your day so enjoy.

Day 7: East London, Morgan’s Bay
From East London, we will take a ferry crossing to begin begin a 70km, 8 hour journey through the heart of the Rural Transkei, populated by the very friendly Xhosa people. The day will end at The Morgan’s Bay Hotel, a remote holiday resort dominating the Bay.

Day 8: Katberg
From Morgan’s Bay, we will continue to head South. This is will be a very African journey with beautiful forest footpaths, dams and rocky passes. Culminating in our stop at the Katberg Hotel.

Day 9: Addo, Suurbergpas, PLZ
Starting from the Katberg Hotel, we will travel through an area full of history with remnants of the Anglo Boer War and Xhosa wars scattered en route. We will then ride through the beautiful Zuurberg pass and on to Addo, and finally reaching our destination of Port Elizabeth.

Day 10: Port Elizabeth
Say farewell to your trusty CRF230, and head back to Johannesburg for the connecting flight to the UK.



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