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Sentebale – A New Approach

Published: Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Harry in Africa Sentebale ImageThere are moments of doubt when I think about Enduro Africa. Mainly when I wake up in the morning and think what have I let myself in for, but all you’ve got to do is quickly remind yourself about where the raised money is going, and it all makes sense again. Note to self: I must keep telling my body that as it groans with pain!

As part of my Enduro Africa adventure, I will be supporting four charities and one of the most interesting admits that it’s trying a new approach, hoping to combine thoughtful aid with sound and effective businesslike methods.

The charity is called Sentebale and its ambitions are simple, to help transform the lives of Lesotho’s vulnerable children and orphans, and is perhaps best known for being formed by two well-known characters: the UK’s Prince Harry and Lesotho’s Prince Seeiso.

With patrons like that, you’re bound to get a good start for your charity! But the charity needs all the help it can get, because it has to cope not only with victims of poverty, but also the tragic effects of the Aids/HIV epidemic which is currently scything through the kingdom of Lesotho.

Consider these facts for a moment. Lesotho is literally fighting for survival. It has the third highest Aids/HIV rate in the world and that horrifying statistic translates as one third of the population being infected. It’s a statistic which defies our Western perimeters of life, but it’s reality for the people of this small Kingdom with less than two million people. There are around 400,000 orphans and life expectancy is roughly 35 years.

So, when I question whether my middle aged body can cope with the strains of Enduro Africa, I answer the question by thinking what the team at Sentebale have to cope with.  


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