Thursday 27th September 2018

My sincere thanks go to all the sponsors who have contributed (either in kind or in cash) towards the construction of this web site, as well as to all the individual personal pledges and donations that continue to come in. Thank you to all. I would be delighted to hear from any companies interested in corporate sponsorship. The shirts I will wear during the ride as well as my helmet and bag will have space for corporate logos and Enduro Africa always attracts a massive amount of media attention. I will be happy to put myself about and flash your logo as much as I can in the hope that every photograph and video opportunity gets a clear view of your brand. All corporate sponsors will also have their logo and a web link featured on this page.

White Hat Web Design – Thank you to Simon and Keith at White Hat Web Design for taking the time and effort to code, host and maintain this website. If you would like something similar for your own organisation, why not give them a shout?

Corinne Natel – Thank you to the artist Corinne Natel for the original design concepts for the web site and for her daily encouragement and guidance. If you ever need someone to design, manage and update your web sites to a high professional standard, then Corinne could be the one for you.

Neil Camp – Thank you to Neil Camp for helping to write articles for the web site and for helping me through my own regular bouts of ‘writers block’. If you ever need someone to write content to a high professional standard, then Neil could be your man.

BDR London – Thank you to Carlan Li and Louise Goldberg of BDR London for their help in marketing and optimising the web site. BDR London is a full service online advertising agency. Why not ask them to help grow your own web traffic?

Ecommerce Associates – Thank you to Paul Horwitz of Ecommerce Associates for all his kind support and encouragement. Ecommerce Associates is a global online marketing firm that specialises in lead generation and they may be able to help you with your own business development.

BUYability Limited – Thank you to my own company, BUYability Limited, for starting off the fund raising with a very generous £2500 donation. BUYability is an online publisher specialising in money-saving ‘Home Efficiency’ ideas and consumer reviews.


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