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Support The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

Published: Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Nelson Mandela Children's Fund ImageHe of course needs no introduction and when I first planned my Enduro Africa adventure, this was one of the charities that I really felt strongly about supporting.

For me, ever since I first read the Enduro Africa web site, this charity, established by the great statesman Nelson Mandela, was top of the list.

Who cannot be moved by what such a man has done in Africa; bringing together a disparate country racked with troubles and with little identity, to a nation which has not only a strong soul, but also a sense of purpose? And embodying that nation is the great Nelson Mandela, a man always happy to put others first, especially children.

South Africa still has its problems of course, but here is a nation that is working together to sort out its issues and looks forward to the future. The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund was created in 1995 with a simple dream; to end the suffering of children and help build them a solid future.

And between 1996 and 1998 alone, the charity raised over R36 million which went to nearly 800 individual projects. It was a great start and in between 2000 and 2005, the charity realised that to make a real difference, it would have to develop into a fully fledged funding and development agency which tackles society’s treatment of children.

In other words, it handles some of the big issues of child poverty and for that, it certainly gets my vote as a charity that needs all the support it can muster. Another very strong reason to support Alan’s Enduro Africa.  


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