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The Adventure Begins

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

I must admit to a slight sense of trepidation as I boarded the tube with all my carefully packed kit en route to Heathrow on Sunday. To say that I felt a tad unprepared is an understatement and I had a last minute panic at the prospect of meeting up with a bunch of people younger, fitter and much more experienced at this motosport mullarky than yours truly!

Checked in at 15:00 for a 19:30 flight (some kind of record for me) and spent a jolly couple of hours in the bar with a few fellow Enduro victims swapping nervous stories of what we’d heard about the adventure ahead. Chris, a digital research guy in his 50’s, Garry, a ‘Mackem’ in his 40’s who’s into thermoplastics, and Claire, a stockbroker in her late 20’s, and I formed the first cluster.

You could spot the other group members a mile off. Apart from the rictus smile of nervous apprehension, we had all been advised to wear our motorcycle boots and carry helmets on board to avoid falling foul of the luggage weight limits.

Twenty two hours later, passing via Jo’berg and an internal flight to Durban, 34 weary travellers arrived at the hotel T O Strand at Port Edward only to be told to get geared up ready to meet our bikes and have a quick warm-up ‘assessment’ ride.

The welcome reception was a spectacular display of zulu drummers and dancers in the approach to the hotel and surrounded by lines of shiny red Honda bikes.

Ride over, drinks then dinner followed by a presentation from each of the charities we were supporting, and the stage was set for Enduro Africa to truly begin.