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Whose Bright Idea Was This Then?

Published: Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

It’s strange how the kernel of an idea can sometimes suddenly blossom into a full blown project in the blinking of an eye.  

This particular project gathered a momentum of its own almost as soon as the thought entered my head. Like most people, I start every New Year full of good intentions but as time progresses I somehow manage to find a whole raft of excuses that get in the way of actually taking any real firm, sustainable action.

Not this time… In a rare moment of madness, inspired somewhat by the shocking scenes of poverty broadcast by The Beeb in Comic Relief’s ‘Famous, Rich & In The Slums’, I picked up my mobile and called Enduro Africa to ask if I could get involved. It wasn’t long before I’d handed over £2500 to cover travel and accommodation and (gulp!) all of a sudden I was committed.

Impulsive? Yes. Worthwhile? I hope so. Foolish? Well, I think I’m about to find out!

It transpires that most of the participants embarking on this little adventure have been planning, fundraising and generally preparing themselves for at least 6 months already.  They all clearly have a huge head start on me.

It also transpires that my many years of motorcycling experience count for virtually nothing when it comes to riding 2000 Km off road through some of Africa’s wildest, most challenging terrain. Apparently, we have several mountains to climb, numerous rivers to cross and mile after mile of really rough ground to somehow stumble through.

So I’ve been advised to take up some formal off-road training before I even think about attempting the route. Add to this the fact that I’m hardly at my peak of physical condition…

So here I am. Contemplating the scale of the task ahead and wondering if I’m up to the challenge.  I just need to get fit, lose 20 pounds, re-learn how to ride a motorbike AND start a campaign to raise £2500 in sponsorship.

Should be a walk in the park!  


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